The road to success always needs a survey

  1. Landfill Certification
    Landfill Certification
    Ongoing Certification with multiple landfill operators and waste disposal corporations. Specialize in Landfill Drawings and Specifications. Landfill Construction As-Built Surveying and Certification. Storm Water Management Design and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control planning.
  2. Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Easement
    Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Easement
    Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Easement throughout the state of Indiana. Cad drawing expertise and field team management allowing for Easement and Right of Way Clearing. Project scale to last at least 18 months.
  3. Hydro Surveying
    Hydro Surveying
    Bridge design required a Hydro-Survey. Lakewood is one of very few surveying companies to use the Hydro-Lite TM to accomplish this. Surveying shoreline and river bottom in a very time efficient manner. This device cuts costs and allows more in depth analysis of river bottoms and shorelines without exposure to harmful conditions.
  4. Construction Staking
    Construction Staking
    Providing approved construction plans (physical and digital where applicable). Laying out stakes at the build site identifying location and dimensions of all features including in construction. Elevation detail for storm drainage/flow, Layout of concrete features such as driveways/sidewalks, laying out location of plumbing and infrastructure, laying out the dimensions and corners of each building, and stakes for the pouring of concrete for curbs.
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